Neopia's Current Top 3 Players!


Ranked #1

User: sportfreak801

Calculated Rank: 17

Calculated Points: 13570


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Ranked #2

User: fullmetal_ed_lover05

Calculated Rank: 9

Calculated Points: 4896


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Ranked #3

User: erikitaa_2_5

Calculated Rank: 8

Calculated Points: 4410


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Neopia's Current Top 3 Teams!

Overall Ranking #1. Kiko Lake

"If there is one thing Team Kiko has going for them, it is their fighting spirit. The team claws its way back time and again. Do they have it in them to become one of the top tier teams? It is possible but it won't be easy, not with stronger and more experienced teams zealously guarding the top ranks. But it is said attitude can take you places, and Team Kiko has loads of that." View Kiko Lake's Overall Standings »

Overall Ranking #2. Kreludor

"No team envies Kreludor its current situation. The team is under tremendous pressure to win the Cup again. After claiming the top spot in Altador Cup VII, the team fell to seventh place in the next tourney and did not budge from seventh place last year. With the club's heavyweights breathing down their neck to be number one, if there is one team that has lost sleep during offseason, it would be Kreludor." View Kreludor's Overall Standings »

Overall Ranking #3. Tyrannia

"Tyrannia finished fourth in last year's tourney, not a bad place to be. But the team may need more than a celebrity designer to grab headlines this year. With 'Spikes' Barmie hogging more print than the team and their performance, Tyrannia is under danger of being overshadowed by Barmie's latest prehistoric poncho." View Tyrannia's Overall Standings »